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Music Under New York (MTA MUSIC) is one of many visual and performing arts programs administered by Metropolitan Transportation Authority Arts & Design (MTA A&D). Once a year, MTA MUSIC holds auditions to add new performers to its roster. Applications will be reviewed and approximately 65 eligible performers will be selected and contacted to participate in live auditions, held for one day.

During the auditions, a panel of musicians, music industry professionals, MTA representatives, community arts organizations members and others will judge each five minute performance on the criteria of quality, variety, and appropriateness for the mass transit environment including number of performers, space requirements, instruments, professionalism and volume. MTA MUSIC performers are not paid (except for special events), but may accept donations from the public. As a MTA MUSIC member, performers call in or “book” their own performances every two weeks.

Your performance for the auditions MUST be the same as your subway performance with respect to group size and volume. Subway performers must abide by all rules and regulations as posted on the MTA website. Please see the MTA Rules Of Conduct, section 1050.6. Please read the rules carefully before auditioning. Download Call for Performers Frequently Asked Questions.

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